One of my hopes is to help chiropractors, MDs, and other practitioners who do not utilize nutrition, begin to do so. The videos will be presented in order, starting with the easiest. The first few videos will enable someone with absolutely no nutritional experience to have credible and effective nutritional practice immediately after seeing the video. I also hope that experienced practitioners may find a tip or two that helps them with their practices. It is VITAL that we begin talking about science to patients and potential patients if we are to increase the number of people who seek natural health care. Everything here is referenced.

This video gives an overview of what the site has to offer. If you like what I am trying to do here, please share this video with a colleague. Here is the YouTube link:

If you are tired of hearing the medical establishment say that you are unscientific, watch this. You will learn that they are the unscientific ones.

Inflammation is a part of every disease. Even if you know nothing about nutrition, the information in this video will help you get started.

Insulin insensitivity and type 2 diabetes are perhaps the best places to start to develop a nutritional practice. Even if you are new to nutritional therapy, treatments are straightforward and you will get gratifying results with your patients.